ore notable than the guys from Titans training camp who are on the initial list of practice squaders is the one who isn’t: Rusty Smith.

But Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean tweeted that Smith is expected to accept the Titans' offer and join up.

Smith cleared waivers unclaimed, and while his feelings might have been hurt, an offer to join anyone else’s practice squad probably wouldn’t have wound up better for him.

The cheap tennessee titans jerseys do really like him, they just decided they didn’t need three quarterbacks on the roster. And they don't. Functionally, he will still hold the No. 3 role and if Jake Locker or Ryan Fitzpatrick is hurt and can't suit up, the Titans will sign Smith to their roster and dress him for a game.

If there was another practice squad chance, he might have had weaker quarterbacks in front of him at No. 1, No. 2 or both. But he’d have had to move and he’d have had to learn a new offense and won over a new coaching staff.

There could have been more reward, but there certainly would have been more risk.

Once he signs, the tennessee titans jerseys cheap will have filled six of their eight practice-squad spots, all with players who were with them in camp.

Last season, the Tennessee Titans brought in defensive end Kamerion Wimbley on a five-year, $35 million contract. The former Florida State Seminoles and Oakland Raiders star was brought in to work with a 4-3 defense and get after the quarterback. The Raiders didn’t give Wimbley much time to put his hands in the dirt because they ran a 3-4 defensive scheme.

The Titans were hoping Wimbley could start fresh in a 4-3 scheme similar to the way he played in college. The cheap titans jerseys invested a lot of money into Wimbley. He has not returned the favor.

In his first year with the Titans, Wimbley recorded 30 tackles and six sacks. That isn’t great when you’re looking for a guy to put up double-digit sacks. This offseason, the Titans brought In Lavar Edwards via the 2013 NFL Draft and Ropati Pitoitua through free agency.

We have heard nothing about Wimbley throughout training camp. That’s a big concern. In the preseason, Wimbley didn’t see much of the field. When he did, the contribution was minimal at most. Wimbley is an athletic freak who titans jerseys cheap fans had high hopes for since he was starting over in a new system. It just doesn’t seem to be translating over.

What happened to Wimbley?

The Titans are down to their 53-man roster after some tough cuts, none that really stood out apart from Fernando Velasco. But the interesting thing is the Titans plan on reducing his playing time and he has now lost his starting job to Pitoitua.

Now I understand that the Titans wanted to get bigger up front to stop the run game. But is Pitoitua that much better than Wimbley?

Pitoitua led the Kansas City Chiefs defensive line in tackles last season with 32 but only had (two) sacks.

Pitoitua broke his hand during The Titans vs. Bengals preseason game. He plans on having it casted and continue to play. I’m not comfortable with this. We will have to see how things shake out. Even questions were being asked about Wimbley being cut. Mike Munchak responded ” I think Kam will be with us for sure” and talks of him playing in nickle packages were brought up.

Now none of that seems like good news if you’re a Titans fan. They need the most help they can get right now at defensive end. Yet, Edwards is still a project that will produce within a few years.

The Titans didn’t sign Wimbley to be a backup and situational player. $35 million dollars is starter money. Maybe they thought wrong but with Wimbley going into only his second year of a five-year contract, this doesn’t sound good.

After trimming their roster to 53 players Saturday, the Titans began putting together their eight-man practice squad Sunday, and it includes some familiar names.

Fullback Collin Mooney, defensive tackle Stefan Charles, cornerback Khalid Wooten, receiver Rashad Ross and linebacker Jonathan Willard all signed with the Titans on Sunday.

Quarterback Rusty Smith, a sixth-round draft pick by the Titans in 2010, also plans to sign with the team’s practice squad. Smith spent the past three seasons on the team’s roster as the No.3 QB.

All six players went through training camp and the preseason with the Titans, and Mooney spent time on the team’s active roster in 2012. Wooten was a sixth-round draft pick of the team in April.

Willard, an undrafted free agent from Clemson, earned national attention when he helped save a woman, her three small children and a dog from a burning car alongside Interstate 40 on the way to training camp. He made seven tackles for the Titans during the preseason.

The Titans were interested in signing former Western Kentucky tight end Jack Doyle to the practice squad after an impressive training camp, but he was claimed off waivers by the Colts. Re-signing former Vanderbilt tight end Brandon Barden to the practice squad currently isn’t an option since Barden was waived/injured with a knee injury.

Also on Sunday, the Jets claimed defensive end/linebacker Scott Solomon, who was released by the Titans on Saturday.

Final roster decisions are coming to a close and it’s time to get ready for the 2013 NFL kickoff. With many variables and questions going into the Tennessee Titans 2013-14 season, one man will define how the history books are written. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Jake Locker.

The 2011 first-round pick begins his third season as the quarterback for a franchise that has been in limbo since 2009. All eyes are on him; he doesn’t mind. Unlike some of the recent Titans quarterbacks, Locker has a presence about him that hasn’t been felt by this team and its fans in a long time. He simply doesn’t care what people think. He knows what to do and does it.

Locker, unlike many NFL superstars and divas, doesn’t have a Twitter or any other social media account. He owns a chicken coop and lives a very low-key lifestyle. The NFL warns its players about Twitter and the dangers that can occur with it, but I have a hard time thinking Locker will get into trouble if he had an account. He simply doesn’t care what people think. Titans fans are going to see this year. He cares about winning and losing of course, but he doesn’t care what you, me, or any other fan or media member thinks about him and his talent level.

This will be a refreshing change-up as fans had to go through years with Vince Young, who was recently cut by the Green Bay Packers. During the Young era, Titans fans had to worry about him continuously on and off the field. Locker gives fans no reason to worry at all. He’s had a great preseason and lives a peaceful life outside the lines.

Locker’s lifestyle has eerie similarities to the late Steve McNair. The comparisons between the two are endless: quarterback style, determination, relentlessness, and enjoying the country lifestyle. It’s tough to compare Locker to a legend such as McNair, but 2013 will jump-start Jake’s career. With time, the two could have very similar careers.

Titans fans are anxious to see how Locker will compete this season. He hasn’t played a full 16-game schedule since coming into the league. Hearing him talk and watching him play should give fans comfort. He’s going to lay it all out on the field every Sunday.He doesn’t care about the hype nor criticism. He just plays football and loves it. Don’t disregard the heart of a champion. It comes out on top more times than not.

With all of that said, there is one quick way for Locker to become a popular quarterback. In the words of the late great Al Davis, “Just win baby!”